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There are 11 original Rootie Kazootie Puppets in this collection. They were designed and created by Paul Ashley for the Rootie Kazootie Club TV Show in the late 1940's. The show was created and produced by Steve Carlin and first aired in October of 1950. Its final broadcast was in May of 1954.

Mr. Carlin retained ownership of the puppets and they dropped out of sight until 1996 when they were purchased by Ira Gallen, a collector In New York. Watch this YouTube video of Gallen and Carlin unpacking the puppets in a warehouse where they had been stored:
They can be heard discussing the condition, which was not good.

A number of years later, Doug Preis, an avid puppet collector, purchased them from Gallen. Doug was appalled by their condition. They had been left in direct sunlight, the paint was faded and chipped and one of the Rootie heads had fractured. The hands which were made of latex had darkened, cracked and broken. The bodies and clothes were in tatters.

Fortunately, Mr Preis is a master craftsman and puppet restorer. You can read more about his extraordinary talents on the Restoration page of this website. 

He painstakingly restored 9 of the puppets—repairing all of the controls, restringing, painting, sanding, fashioning hair, making new hands, bodies and costumes. Other than repairing the controls for the 2 Galapoochie Pup puppets, they were not touched, as the "fur" was not something he was prepared to tackle.

There was only 1 Poison Zoomack in the original group but Doug made an exact duplicate. It is part of this collection but it is identified as a replication, not an original.

In the fall of 2019, Doug and Paul's daughter Vicki came to an agreement and the Rootie Kazootie Puppets joined the rest of the Paul Ashley Puppet Collection. 

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